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Asset Search

Asset Search

We provide Asset Search services to the private, corporate and legal sector across India.
Today, many individuals as well as corporates face problems with collecting debts and loans. Lately, this has become a regular practice by many. Recovering money from such people or organisation can be really frustrating. You have to take out a considerable amount of your valuable time and find ways to recover the money that is owed to you by others.

We can help you in such cases by locating the different assets the person is trying to hide from you to avoid repaying your loads or debts. It has been seen many times that innocent victims quit fighting for their own money and end up in disappointment.

Many times, people claim that they do not have the money to pay back your debts. In such cases, an asset search investigation can give you the proof you need to confirm their claims.
Most common reasons for conducting an asset check are –
a. Motor Vehicle cases.
b. Business Due Diligence.
c. Collection of Debt.
d. Divorce Cases

We at Perfect Detectives make sure that we provide you with necessary factual evidence to support your final decisions. Thus, we ensure that such checks conducted will help you have peace of mind, that you have carried out all the checks you possibly can as this process will help you stay away from wrong decisions and future disappointments.
Our Investigators have years of experience in handling such assignments. We ensure the privacy of our clients as well as subjects and the necessary information is disclosed to our clients only on need to know basis.


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