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Child / Family Investigation

Character Verification / Background Check

A background check is an investigation of an individual’s personal as well as professional history in order to verify one’s character or identity.
On a daily basis, you might come across people who have negative intentions towards you or your organisation, but at the same time, they appear to be your well-wishers. Having blind faith on any such person may prove to be risky for you or for your organisation. This is where background checks and character verifications come in place.
Generally, such investigations are conducted before hiring an employee, renting your property to a new tenant, hiring a nanny/maid or even before taking an investment decision.

People often provide false information on the following –
a. Education History
b. Professional History or Work Experience
c. Professional Memberships
d. Any criminal history

Over the years, we have seen a great increase in requests for character verification from individual as well as corporate clients. We strongly believe that “prevention is better than cure” is the major reason for this increasing demand of character verification. Gaining insights about individuals or companies you are about to deal with helps you have an upper hand in the decision-making process.
Background checks help you verify the credibility and accuracy of the information provided by them.

We at Perfect Detectives make sure that we provide you with necessary factual evidence to support your final decisions. Thus, we ensure that such checks conducted will help you have peace of mind, that you have carried out all the checks you possibly can as this process will help you stay away from wrong decisions and future disappointments.
Our Investigators have years of experience in handling such assignments. We ensure the privacy of our clients as well as subjects and the necessary information is disclosed to our clients only on need to know basis.

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