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Post Marital Investigation

Post-marital Investigations

Over the recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in the enquiries for post marital investigation cases than ever before. One of the major reasons for this is the suspicion of extra marital affairs. Cheating partners, financial gains, abuse of rights are a few hidden motives which may lead the other partner to carry out post marital investigations.

It is important to verify your suspicions before taking any step so that nothing backfires on you. We carry out surveillance activities and provide you with the necessary details to assist you with your suspicions.

Before hiring an Investigator, looking out for some signs and indications may be helpful. Some of the most common signs are –
a. Unusual working routine.
b. Going out often with new friends.
c. Protecting their mobile phone or laptop.
d. A new hobby is taking up their time.
e. Sudden behavioural changes.

We at Perfect Detectives make sure that we provide you with necessary factual evidence to support your final decisions. Thus, we ensure that such checks conducted will help you have peace of mind, that you have carried out all the checks you possibly can as this process will help you stay away from wrong decisions and future disappointments.
Our Investigators have years of experience in handling such assignments. We ensure the privacy of our clients as well as subjects and the necessary information is disclosed to our clients only on need to know basis.


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