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Undercover Investigation

Undercover Operations

Undercover Investigation operations (also known as Covert Operations) involve a stealthy or secretive approach towards discovering and gathering information or evidence for any activity being going on. Employee theft, Corporate Espionage, Drug dealings and other such illegal activities need an undercover operation to be executed in order to get out the truths behind these dealings and activities. Such activities can not only hurt your company, but can also put you out of business.

Internal theft activities going on in any workplace can prove to be very harmful for the company. It can include theft of the basic things such as office supplies to large amounts of cash or corporate secrets and confidential information. In order to detect and stop such activities, carrying out a discreet undercover investigation can prove to be effective.

We can help you gather evidence by providing an undercover investigation operation combined with high-tech surveillance equipment. The evidence provided maybe in audio or visual formats as per the need and the scenario of the assignment.
Undercover Investigation operations need to be executed cautiously and competently. The level of risk associated with such investigations is extreme and there is no scope of mistake while conducting an undercover operation.


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